The WebPresent2Win! Workshop

Presenting to customers via the web is the new normal. Take this workshop to learn proven step by step techniques that will help you become a web demo ROCKSTAR.

2Win! Global has a great deal of expertise when it comes to increasing execution in technology demonstrations and presentations. One thing that we know very well is that trying to replicate a demonstration or presentation that was designed for a live, face to face environment over the web simply does not work.  Remote presenting requires a special set of skills to drive interaction and increase engagement.  In order for your messages to resonate across the digital divide, thoughtful preparation and execution will help create differentiation from the competition.


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The WebPresent2Win! workshop is designed to provide skills, techniques, and tactics which help maximize preparation and execution in a web presentation or demonstration. 


During the workshop, students participate in a wide array of hands on exercises:


  1. An action oriented workshop for customer facing professionals to maximize the impact and results of remote presentations and demonstrations.