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Sell More with Story

We’ve created a short storytelling PowerPoint you can deliver to your team or leader that lets them experience these principles at work. Take the initiative and help your team build some skills.


We’re the Global Leaders in technology sector sales training. We want you to rock your sales numbers this quarter and every quarter.  We’ve seen how a well-told story can move the needle for sales teams.


Download our Power of Story PowerPoint to grow your own skills, be seen as a thought-leader to your boss, and then ask for a raise.



Download the Power of Story

Once Upon a Time...

When I hear, “Once Upon a Time,” I remember reading bedtime stories to my sons when they were youngsters. As adults, stories help us understand complex concepts, and just like when we’re younger, they forge connections with the storyteller, open up our imaginations, and help us receive new ideas.

"If history were told in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten" Rudyard Kipling

When we train pre-sales and sales professionals around the world, we often hear that telling stories will be considered inappropriate in their opportunities. Any method, used poorly, will produce bad results.

Check out our full blog article to see some great examples of how we train the industry’s highest performing sales teams how to use story to connect, build trust and sell.


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