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Do Your Discovery On-The-Fly

There used to be a time when your salesperson would simply say “no” if a demanding buyer tried to hijack your process. Buyers have more power than ever before, they’re more informed, and they buy solutions for their businesses modeling the same behavior they exhibit when they purchase expensive consumer products. They research things themselves and make quick, emotional decisions.

Try asking prospects for something in return for skipping your Discovery and moving right into a demo.

  • Remind your salesperson that pushing for Discovery is always an option. If it works 10% of the time, that’s a 10% improvement.

  • Incrementally perform Discovery as an informal back-and-forth with the client that starts with the requirements they gave you. 

  • Enter the demo with a plan that best highlights the flow of your software. Show a specific function with a benefit directed at the executive stakeholder but, only if you are confident that it is relevant and will resonate. Then pause, present an agenda of how you will address their requirements, and stick with your plan.

Learn How To Stop Runaway Demos

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