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Technology and Tactics to Master Selling 2.0 Webinar on Demand

Learn from sales tech experts from Zoom, 2WinGlobal, Demoflow, and Vidyard to discover the tech and the tactics you need to master selling.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Run an effective virtual discovery with modern techniques.
  • Plan for adaptability during virtual demos
  • Use recorded asynchronous video pre- and post-meeting to make the most of virtual meeting times.
  • Optimize your home selling environment
  • The best Apps and Accessories that will take your live presentations to the next level.
  • Travel and Productivity Tips and Hacks that save you time and hassle.  


Experts include:

  • Kristen Klein, Manager, Customer Marketing at Zoom
  • Chad Wilson, VP of Curriculum at 2Win Global
  • Bob Riefstahl, Founder at 2Win Global
  • Larson Stair, CEO at Demoflow
  • Alysha Walji, Partner Development Manager at Vidyard

    They’ll share their top recommendations to effectively combine your hard-earned sales skills with today’s virtual sales tech to stand out and win more.