The Engage2Win! Workshop


The goal of the Engage2Win!™ workshop is simple: deliver a practical, proven set of skills, tools and procedures that increases the engagement and effectiveness of technology related customer facing events and presentations.


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The bulk of the workshop focuses on the delivery elements of a customer facing presentation.  Sales, Technical, and Customer success professionals learn numerous techniques for effectively engaging their audience, delivering to different personality types, driving benefits, and selling value.  Throughout the workshop, the client’s solution and services can be used to deliver examples of best-practice techniques as well as the most common mistakes (Crimes) committed during presentations. 


During the workshop, students participate in a number of exercises which provide them an opportunity to:


  1. Practice the skills they are learning
  2. Apply the skills to a live presentation they bring to the workshop
  3. The program concludes with each student or small group delivering a short presentation for the “presentation scene” they worked on during their exercise