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Turn Client Services Teams into Sales All-Stars.

We believe there’s a goldmine in your current customer base when Client Services Teams have a solid strategy to manage your relationships.

  1. Do you have a milestone-based T minus 12 strategy that your Client Success Managers strive to achieve each month of a client’s contract?

  2. Is your Client Success team prepared to seek executive contact to learn how your solution can contribute to their strategic initiatives?

  3. Can your team build and validate a T-12 Renewal Map that connects solution functionality to business impacts to an executive's strategic initiatives?

  4. Is your team prepared to proactively demo to clients additional functionality that they have already licensed that will help them achieve those business impacts and the strategic initiative?

  5. Can your team deliver stories of other successes that align with an individual client’s T-12Renewal Map?

  6. Is your team equipped with a methodology for handling even the most difficult questions and objections from individual contributors, managers, and executives?

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